Why Every Auto Shop Needs a Robust Consumer Finance Program

The automotive service business is a unique one. Customers rely on auto repair shops in a more significant way than they do nearly any other kind of business. That reliance, desire for flexibility, and need for trustworthiness can help propel an automotive consumer finance program to success – if it’s built the right way and offers the right benefits to customers, including the significant enhancements offered by FormPiper.

But why should an automotive shop devote any time to improving their consumer finance situation when schedules are already tight? Here are a few reasons why a tuned-up consumer finance program can make a big difference for your bottom line.

Superior Finance Means Accelerated Sales

A stronger finance program puts the pedal to the metal for boosted revenue, and also helps you build better customer relationships. When customers know that your shop has their best interests in mind, and feel confident that you want them to acquire the service or product they are after, it helps build trust, which is an absolutely essential requirement in the auto industry.

When someone drives a vehicle, they are trusting their lift to its safety, and that means nearly everyone takes automotive services very seriously. By offering flexibility to every customer that visits your shop, you are letting them know that you are on their side, and that you want them to leave happy and safe in their newly-serviced vehicle.

A robust finance program powered by FormPiper, a comprehensive consumer finance automation solution, will boast a streamlined application process, detailed but straightforward reporting, and convenient managed and self-managed services to make your daily work a little easier.

High-Performing Finance Attracts Repeat Customers

As a follow-up to that, you can see how a revved-up finance program that builds trust will lead to repeat customers. In the auto service business, you don’t get a lot of repeat business if you don’t do the job right, so why not extend that principle to your consumer finance program?

By building out a robust finance program backed up by FormPiper, you will be establishing a reputation for an exceptional consumer finance process that matches your high level of service in the garage. Don’t let your consumer finance program be the ding on your perfect paint.

A Strong Finance Program Leaves the Competition in the Dust

Your competitors may offer financing options, but if they aren’t taking advantage of the FormPiper solution, then you have an excellent opportunity to pull in front of them, floor it, and leave them in the dust. Leverage FormPiper’s advanced capabilities and exceptional managed or self-managed services to give your shop an edge in what is, let’s face it, an exceptionally crowded market.

With FormPiper fueling your consumer finance success, you’ll sell more services and products, create happier customers who want to come back, and make processing finance applications easier for your employees, all with one easy gear shift.

Schedule a demo today and see what FormPiper can do for your automotive business.

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