Three Ways FormPiper Makes Your Life Easier

FormPiper is the ultimate solution for helping retailers automate their consumer financing process. Using smart technology to streamline the application process, FormPiper delivers on the promise of better customer financing through convenient managed and self-managed services. No matter your industry, FormPiper can help make your life a little easier every day. Here are three simple ways it does just that.

#1. FormPiper Streamlines the Application Process

The typical process of filling out finance applications is cumbersome and involves a lot of time wasted with duplicate data entry. With FormPiper the process couldn't be simpler.

First, the customer will fill out a single finance application at their convenience. They can fill out via your website, on their mobile device, or in your store using an in-store device. Next, your team member or managed service processor (depending on whether you chose self-managed or managed services) will select appropriate lending options for each specific customer from your lender lineup and push 'go.' Finally, the pre-populated applications will be submitted until you get an approval and close the sale.

This streamlined process will save you and your team time and reduce customer frustration in a major way. And, since they know they don't have to dread the application process, those customers may be more likely to finance a purchase with you in the future.

#2. FormPiper Maximizes Approvals and Boosts Your Revenue

When you only run one or two lenders due to time constraints or frustration on the part of the customer, and they give up on the financing process, that's money out the door. FormPiper allows you to easily run every lender every time and quickly transmit multiple applications to the best lenders for a particular customer. The results on this front are clear: more approvals for more customers equals more revenue for your business. It's a simple numbers game.

With FormPiper, you won't have to watch business walk out the door time and again. Better yet, you won't have to worry about losing even more business due to bad word of mouth or customers who won't ever come back to your business due to a bad financing experience. No one wants to feel embarrassed because they didn't get an approval or feel like they aren't good enough because the application process is taking forever, and FormPiper greatly decreases the frequency of those instances.

#3. FormPiper Reduces Your Stress

As the owner of a retail business, you're busy all the time. You don't have spare moments throughout the day to manually track lender and employee performance when it comes to your financing program. And you certainly don't have time to duplicate data entry for multiple finance applications. FormPiper makes your life easier by simplifying and automating the application process and putting easy-to-understand data at your fingertips with a convenient reporting dashboard. Can't you feel that stress melting away already?

FormPiper Is the Simple Solution You've Been Looking For

You've needed a way to simplify and improve your consumer finance process for some time, and now you have the answer: FormPiper makes your life easier on every front when it comes to your retail business's consumer financing program. Start exploring all that it has to offer your business today.

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