The Quickest Way to Grow Your Consumer Finance Program

Growing a consumer finance program can, at times, seem like an uphill battle. Fortunately, FormPiper offers the perfect solution to accelerate your consumer finance growth and net you more closed deals. Here are five reasons why FormPiper is the best and quickest way to grow your consumer finance program.

Reason #1 – FormPiper Streamlines the Application Process

The traditional consumer finance application process can be tedious, to say the least. When applying to multiple lenders, there is a whole lot of waiting around while team members input one application form after another, performing the very definition of busywork with duplicate data entry.

FormPiper eliminates that burden by enabling your team to transmit data to multiple application forms with a single click of a button. This eliminates application processing time, sure, but, more importantly, it makes the customer feel more comfortable, boosts your convenience factor, and gets you closer to closing deals quicker, helping you grow your consumer finance program quickly.

Reason #2 – FormPiper is Secure

Security is top of mind for many customers these days. Digital threats are constant, including phishing, online scams, ransomware and much more. When you work with FormPiper to streamline your consumer finance program, you can be certain that your customer and business data will remain secure.

FormPiper adheres to all of the latest standards, including User Verification, PCI Compliance, HIPAA Compliance and CCPA Compliance. With FormPiper, you’ll be able to enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that your business and customer data is in good hands. That level of assurance is something you want to deliver at all levels of your business, but particularly with regard to your consumer finance program, as it can have a major influence on its growth.

Reason #3 – FormPiper Simplifies Reporting

A key part of growing your consumer finance program is understanding how you can improve it. FormPiper is a huge help in this regard, as it provides a convenient reporting dashboard that provides key data on your lender and salesperson performance that will empower you to make mid-stream adjustments with confidence. Consumer finance reporting shouldn’t have to be a chore, and with FormPiper it won’t be.

Reason #4 – FormPiper is Tailored to Your Needs

FormPiper is a comprehensive consumer finance automation solution, but, importantly, it is also a custom one. Whether you want to take advantage of self-managed services or lean into added assistance with managed services, you’ll find that FormPiper delivers a solution that is custom-fitted to your business’s specific requirements, with an ultimate objective of helping you grow your consumer finance program and put more revenue in your pocket.

Reason #5 – FormPiper Delivers

It’s easy for a business to boast about its many features and accomplishments, but FormPiper has real customer reviews to back it up. We genuinely care about the retail businesses we serve, and that care shows through in everything we do. Our approach to consumer finance automation is all about the customer. Check out our customer case studies and see for yourself why so many retail business owners turn to us when they’re ready to accelerate the growth of their consumer finance programs.

FormPiper is more than just a proposed solution. It is a complete consumer finance automation solution that delivers for real retail business owners every day. Now is the perfect time to find out what FormPiper can do for you and your business by scheduling a demo.

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