Speed Matters: How Faster Finance Applications Earn You More Revenue

Look at the world around you; it’s all about speed. We get impatient when a web page takes more than a few seconds to load on our phones. We get impatient when the drive through takes a little longer than average. We get impatient when a high-quality live video, streaming in near-real-time from halfway across the world, has to buffer for a few seconds. We want speed and we want it now, and, with the high-tech solutions and platforms we have at our fingertips, which we pay absurd amounts of money for, it’s really not all that unreasonable of a request.

Speed is what we want and what we pay for, and it’s what your customers want and are willing to pay for as well. When it comes to consumer financing specifically, speed is the thing that will either keep your customer on the purchasing track or send them out the door in a huff and on the way to your competitor. So, it’s important to get this right. Here’s why you need speed and how it helps your customers, your team, and your bottom line. 

Speed Makes the Customer Happier

Few retail experiences are more embarrassing and vibe-killing than having to stand around waiting for a finance approval. There you are, so close to the product or service that you want, and yet so far, as you wait for the retail team serving you to manually input duplicate data for applications to multiple lenders. For customers with places to be and people to see – which is almost everyone in this age of speed, let’s face it – standing around waiting isn’t just embarrassing, it’s also simply a big inconvenience.

By leveraging a consumer finance automation solution like FormPiper, you’ll be able to eliminate duplicate data entry and fill forms for applications to multiple lenders with a single press of a button. Your customers will get their approvals faster and avoid having to wait around, and that could spell the difference between making a sale and losing one. 

Speed Makes Your Team More Efficient

Your team has better things to do than deal with an outdated, slow, and arduous consumer finance process. Using FormPiper to speed things up in turn frees your team members up to focus on more important things, like serving your customers. With less time spent doing the busywork of duplicate data entry, your staff can use their speedy time savings to help make your business better in ways you may not have even thought of yet.

Speed Helps You Close More Deals

Here’s the big one. If everything you are doing in terms of enhancing the speed of your consumer finance program is ultimately about boosting your revenue, then closing more deals is the key goal you should be driving towards. More applications run for more customers means more revenue over time, period. The equation couldn’t be simpler.

Likewise, the solution couldn’t be simpler. FormPiper modernizes and enhances the consumer finance process with the aforementioned streamlined application process, robust reporting, convenient managed or self-managed services to suit your specific needs, and so much more.

Ready to enter the age of speed with your consumer finance program? Slam down the accelerator with FormPiper.

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