Put Finance First On Customer Wish Lists During the Holiday Sales Season

Every customer wishes they had a little more purchasing power and buying flexibility. With a strong consumer finance program, you can deliver on that desire, make more sales over the holiday season, and build customer relationships that could last for many holidays to come.

It all starts with putting finance first, and building it right into your sales pitch. But how can you make consumer finance a key part of what your business offers? And how can you specifically tailor your approach to meet the added demands of holiday selling? Here are a few tips to help you bring joy to your customers and employees alike.

Stuff Every Sales Stocking

If every other stocking on the mantle were stuffed with coal come Christmas morning, it would kind of dull the excitement, wouldn’t it? In the same way, bringing the excitement and opportunity of financing into some sales conversations but not others is going to lose you sales and reduce your revenue potential.

Let your employees know that offering financing isn’t just another item on a checklist; it is a key part of your messaging and can be a major sales driver when leveraged correctly. Have them work it into every sales pitch, every time, and stuff your own stocking with additional sales.

Deck the Halls With Finance Marketing

Your consumer financing value proposition doesn’t need to be limited to your sales pitch. Take some time to deck the halls of your business with posters and signs mentioning not only that financing is available, but that applying for it is quick and easy. As long as you have FormPiper – a complete consumer finance automation solution – to back up that claim, you’ll be able to deliver on the marketing and stay on Santa’s ‘Nice list.’

You should start your marketing plans early, in October or November at the latest. Create fun, holiday-oriented materials that make financing more than a routine option. Ultimately, financing is all about possibilities; highlight that to your customers in your merry marketing materials.

Keep Your Finance Sleigh in Tip-Top Shape

The best way to get customers excited about financing is to ensure that your financing program is in tip-top shape. That’s where FormPiper comes in. By decking out your consumer finance process with managed or self-managed services, industry-compliant security, a streamlined application process, and robust but convenient reporting, FormPiper makes everything about your consumer program cheerier and brighter.

Don’t wait until the holidays are upon you to start making those improvements to your sales and finance sleigh. Schedule a demo for FormPiper and explore how it can help your consumer finance program sparkle and shine during the holidays and beyond.

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