How to Use Technology to Improve Your Consumer Finance Process

Consumer financing is a great way for all kinds of businesses to build customer relationships, increase sales, and enable their salespeople to lock in purchase decisions. But while offering consumer financing sounds great on paper, in practice, it sometimes proves awkward and more than a little clunky. The process can be arduous and time-consuming, pulling your staff away from important tasks like delivering great customer service.


Like many of our modern problems, this issue can be resolved through technology. But it has to be the right solution. If you settle for just any option when it comes to modernizing and streamlining your consumer finance process, you could run into the exact same problems as before, just on a higher technological level. 


Don't make the mistake of thinking all consumer financing portals are created equal; you need to find the one that's right for your business, to keep your customers happy, your staff efficient, and your business running smoothly. That's why FormPiper is such an excellent choice. 


Why FormPiper Stands Out From the Crowd

There are many financing portal companies that offer features such as online applications. By default, being able to apply online is more convenient than filling out a paper form. But that's like saying smartphones are better than the old flip-phones; sure, of course they are. But there are all kinds of different models of smartphones to choose from, and some are objectively better and easier to use than others. You need to understand the pros and cons of each option before making an informed decision for your business.


There are a number of portal options available when it comes to consumer financing. One thing you should recognize is that most consumer financing portal companies out there tend to control the flow of your finance options. And they typically don't have access to all of the lending options your business needs. That means that after running your options, you have to then type in more information to see additional options, instead of seeing all of your lenders right away. 


FormPiper addresses this issue by ensuring that all of your lenders get proper visibility. Your staff will see all of the options available to the customer, ensuring more approvals and enabling your team to offer multiple offers to your customers. Everyone loves having options, right? 


A Cohesive, Secure Solution

The best aspect of FormPiper is the way it simplifies every aspect of the consumer financing process. Applying online is exceptionally easy, and customers can do it from any internet-ready device of their choosing, according to their schedule. The amount of time your staff will save by allowing customers to apply from anywhere, at any time is noteworthy.


Another important factor to consider is security. Unlike paper applications, FormPiper secures customer information in your portal. You can visualize security through FormPiper instead of worrying about file cabinets and paper shredders. Avoiding physical media also means saving on printer ink and paper, which is a cost that really adds up over time. 


It also reduces pressure on your staff substantially. Being able to submit and transmit all financing information with a single press of a button means your team members won't have to worry about duplicating application details across multiple lenders. FormPiper will help your business reduce entry mistakes considerably, which saves you the time it would have taken to correct them. 


Add it all together and you have a consumer financing application solution that makes things easier on you, your staff, and everyone who does business with you. More than a minor quality-of-life improvement, FormPiper will drastically alter the way you handle consumer financing. And with the freedom and enhanced lender visibility it provides, FormPiper boasts a distinct advantage over comparable financing portals. It's the right choice when you're ready to simplify and refine your consumer financing process for both your business and your customers

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