How FormPiper Helps Real Retail Businesses Succeed

Retail business owners know that talk is cheap. What matters is results, and the most important results are what your customers think of you and what your revenue looks like, and those two results are inextricably linked. That’s something FormPiper understands well, and a key reason why we emphasize offering financing to every customer, every time. Not only is it a convenience to the customer, it’s also a key tactic for boosting retail revenue over time.

But beyond that crucial advice, FormPiper delivers a true consumer finance automation solution, with convenient managed and self-managed services and easy-to-use reporting functionality that provides key data to help make retail business owners make smart changes on the fly. We don’t base our reputation on talk; we have real customer case studies to demonstrate that we really do help all kinds of retail businesses make huge strides with their consumer finance programs every day.

Take Rudy Campos and his Laredo, Texas-based business Mattress Clearance Warehouse, for example. His consumer finance program was proving to be more of a challenge than a revenue powerhouse.

“Our small company was going through some growing pains when it came to processing financing applications for our customers due to several reasons," says Rudy.

But by turning to FormPiper for assistance, Rudy was able to flip that script upside down.

"Our experience now with FormPiper is GREAT!" says Rudy. "We are able to get new customers approved FASTER and our volume is GROWING and now saving PAYROLL due to not needing more labor to do the application process! One time asking customers for personal info and DONE!”

Angel Siqueiros, Operations Manager at Household Furniture in El Paso, Texas, can attest to the FormPiper difference as well.

"When it comes to your product, it's different," says Angel. "That's the number one thing, it's not like what [other retailers] are probably familiar with. You can't really compare them to any other waterfall per se, because it doesn't operate like a waterfall. It really puts it in your hands how you want to use it, and it just takes all the work out of it. But at the same time, it gives you more control that other waterfalls don't give you, while still providing reporting and the other options that you have available. And obviously the integration portions that you guys are working on, on top of that. So it's not comparing apples to apples with other providers, but it's providing a far superior service."

Yet another example, Richard Pena, Vice President of Operations for David Salinas’ chain of pet stores, operated under two brands – The Puppy Store in Nevada and Utah and Cedar Pet Supply in Utah – also ran into problems with traditional application processing.

“You had to manually input each one,” says Richard. “If there were five finance companies, for example, you had to sit there and fill out applications for each one of them, which was time consuming.”

FormPiper didn’t just marginally improve the way Richard and his team handle the finance application process – it completely transformed it.

“It’s like night and day,” says Richard. “I mean, you fill out one application and from there, you're able to apply to various companies or as many companies as needed. (…) You don't have to spend the next five minutes applying on a different application. You’re just all done, ready to go – kind of a one-stop-shop."

In every way, FormPiper is a force multiplier for retail business owners who are looking to give their consumer finance programs a big boost. It helps real business owners succeed every day, driving more revenue and enabling them to develop stronger relationships with the customers they serve.

Don’t just go with any solution that claims to make your consumer finance program better. Go with the consumer finance application solution that has real customer testimonials to back it up. Go with FormPiper, and join the happy customers above, and many others, who have taken their consumer finance programs to the next level.

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