How FormPiper Helps Real Business Owners Make the Most of Their Financing Program

Marketing is often based on cleverness. Clever slogans, clever wordplay, a clever visual design – advertisers find ways to make an impression on customers through wit and creativity. But beyond the flash and the surface appeal of a great marketing campaign, there has to be some substance. And when it comes to solid proof of how a company delivers on its promises, there’s no substitute for real talk from real customers.

In the case of FormPiper, a consumer finance automation solution, everything is built on the needs, expectations, and feedback of actual retail business owners. The FormPiper business model doesn’t work or sell unless it gets results for the customers who make use of it. That’s why we’re proud to say that FormPiper truly delivers for our customers, and makes good on our promise of helping them streamline and enhance their consumer financing programs.

Don’t take it from us, though. Take it from our customers. Like Rudy Campos, for example. Rudy runs the Laredo,Texas-based Mattress Clearance Warehouse, a business that puts a big emphasis on consumer financing. He saw the value in offering financing to customers, but, unfortunately, his consumer financing program ran into a few difficulties as it grew.

“Our small company was going through some growing pains when it came to processing financing applications for our customers due to several reasons," says Rudy. That’s when he decided to see what FormPiper had to offer. As it turns out, it was the solution that ended up making all the difference for his business.

"Our experience now with FormPiper is GREAT!" says Rudy. “We are able to get new customers approved FASTER and our volume is GROWING and now saving PAYROLL due to not needing more labor to do the application process! One time asking customers for personal info and DONE!"

Rudy saw for himself how FormPiper makes the consumer finance process exponentially easier. And he isn’t alone. Look at Angel Siqueiros, Operations Manager at Household Furniture in El Paso, Texas. Angel was looking for a consumer finance solution that would allow him to run applications by multiple lenders in just a few minutes, when he heard about FormPiper from another of our happy clients. “"I thought it sounded really interesting," says Angel.

FormPiper kept his attention by delivering on its promise of streamlining and automating his consumer finance program.

"When it comes to your product, it's different," says Angel. “That's the number one thing, it's not like what [other retailers] are probably familiar with. You can't really compare them to any other waterfall per se, because it doesn't operate like a waterfall. It really puts it in your hands how you want to use it, and it just takes all the work out of it. But at the same time, it gives you more control that other waterfalls don't give you, while still providing reporting and the other options that you have available. And obviously the integration portions that you guys are working on, on top of that. So it's not comparing apples to apples with other providers, but it's providing a far superior service."

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. There’s a reason why our messaging and our customers’ feedback are so closely aligned: We built FormPiper for our customers from the ground up, keeping their needs in mind every step of the way. It’s a loop, where their feedback helps us deliver an even better solution, and our solution helps them make their consumer financing programs the best they can be.

Read Rudy and Angel’s stories in full on our case studies page to learn more, or go ahead and book a demo. We have every confidence you’ll be just as satisfied as they were with the FormPiper solution.

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