Help Your Customers Cool Off From the Retail Heat

With rising temperatures comes a flurry of retail advertising and lots of pushing and shoving for slices of summer sales. But you can take a cooler approach – you can distinguish yourself from your competition by focusing not on overheating your customers with loads of deals, but by integrating financing as a key part of your sales pitch and using FormPiper to lower the temperature of the conversation around approvals. Put outdated sales strategies on ice and start earning more retail revenue with a strong finance program powered by FormPiper. Here’s how.

Make the Application Process a Breeze

Applying for consumer financing shouldn’t make your customers sweat. But the truth is that many customers dread the application process, and for good reason. It can take forever to run applications, and sitting around waiting for an approval is nerve-wracking.

Fortunately, FormPiper cools down this often overheated experience by enabling you or your team members to transmit data to multiple forms with a single click, eliminating duplicate data entry when submitting applications to multiple lenders. This greatly reduces the amount of time a customer has to spend sitting around waiting for an approval, and therefore makes it much likelier for you to close the financed sale and put more revenue in your pocket.

Put Outdated Sales Ideas Out to Dry

Outdated sales ideas tend to hang around, much like the chewed-up old pool noodles that seem to show up at every pool party, where nobody really remembers where they came from. One example is the idea that financing should be an afterthought or optional part of the sales pitch, offered only to customers who seem like they might need financing.

The key to drying out this soggy concept is recognizing that you are not just in the business of giving customers what they need, but also what they want. Your team members should be trained to help customers get what they want by offering financing to every customer, every time. Doing so increases the likelihood of closing sales and also opens up a world of convenience and flexibility for your customers. Update your sales pitches to include financing as a central component, and watch the boosted revenue roll in.

Splash Into a Refreshing Customer Experience

Ultimately, improving your consumer finance program is all about improving your customers’ experience, and FormPiper makes it easy to do just that. With managed and self-managed services, a convenient reporting dashboard, and a robust lending network, FormPiper enables you to quickly update and refresh your customer experience, simply by upgrading your consumer finance program.

So, as the dog days of summer roll around and your customers stop by looking for retail refreshment, quench their thirst with the convenience of a consumer financing process that is quick, easy, and smooth, all made possible by FormPiper.


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