Gift Yourself a Better Consumer Finance Experience This Holiday Season

What a year. No matter what particular niche your retail business falls into, it’s probably safe to say this year has had its challenges, in no small part due to the rising cost of, well, just about everything. And yet, through it all, your business has remained resilient. You’ve kept your focus and pushed for excellence in all that you do, while keeping an eye on your customers’ needs. You and your team deserve a lot of credit.

While you continue to think of ways to better serve your customers this holiday season and beyond, you should also take a moment to evaluate how you can better serve the needs of your business. The holidays are a time of increased sales, and that boosted sales window seems to creep a little further into January each year, in many verticals. Simply handling the increased volume can be difficult, but when you couple that with running a consumer financing program, things become especially challenging.

The Challenges

There are a few reasons why a consumer financing program can present challenges to your business. First of all, a consumer finance program requires additional time on the part of you and your staff, especially if you want to run it effectively. You simply have to set aside a large amount of time and energy to assist customers who are interested in financing, walk them through the benefits, and help them throughout the application process. This part alone isn’t easy.

Second, you have to pour your time into reporting. In order for you to justify the continued investment in your consumer finance program, you need to see results, and that means gathering data, compiling it, and generating meaningful reports that will help you take the right actions. Reporting is a time consuming process, and if you are really pushing your consumer financing program, drawing out that data is going to be an especially intensive ordeal.

Finally, once you have the reporting in hand, you need to make adjustments. If your staff is not hitting the metrics-based goals you’ve set for them, you’re going to need to push remedial training. Without the right sets of data at your fingertips, you won’t even know who you need to train, much less deliver targeted training across your employee base or even across multiple locations.

Fortunately, there is a solution to these pressing consumer finance issues, and it’s one you should consider wrapping up for yourself this holiday season.

Give Yourself the Gift of FormPiper

FormPiper is a comprehensive customer financing automation solution that gifts you your time back and puts you and your team in a position to win big over the holidays and beyond. With FormPiper, areas that were problematic before become areas of opportunity, and the time-consuming negatives of running a consumer financing program are erased.

Let’s start with the financing process itself. FormPiper reduces customer and employee frustration and puts time back on your side by streamlining the consumer financing process. From square one, your customers will feel more at ease completing financing applications on your terms, while your employees will appreciate being able to transmit application data to multiple lenders with a single press of a button. With both managed and self-managed services available, you’ll be able to determine the extent to which you want you and your team involved as opposed to turning things over to FormPiper, and make your decisions accordingly.

On the reporting front, FormPiper once again delivers convenience and ease of use with a reporting dashboard that captures the critical team and lender performance data you need to know, and presents it to you in a straightforward view. Rather than having to dig for data and compile reports yourself, you’ll have everything you need right at your fingertips.

FormPiper also helps you target training more effectively, by providing detailed single and multi-location reporting. You’ll be able to understand your team’s performance down to the individual salesperson, enabling you to deliver truly targeted training to those who really need it while keeping the rest of your sales team on the floor.

All in all, FormPiper will help you greatly improve your customer finance program during the holiday season and beyond. That’s why it’s the perfect gift for any retail business owner to gift themselves this year. Go ahead and treat yourself to the FormPiper solution; you deserve it.

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