Game Time: How to Prepare for Your Retail Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the biggest annual sporting event in the United States, drawing millions of reviewers and generating billions in revenue each year. It's the punctuation mark at the end of football season, and brings out the best in not only the teams competing, but also in advertisers and retailers nationwide. It is such a big event that you may hear someone say that something is the "Super Bowl of X," by way of comparison.

Bearing that in mind, here's a question for retail business owners and decision makers to consider: what is your retail businesses equivalent of the Super Bowl? What is the big sales season, event, or yearly period that is your strongest? That's a difference maker for your business? To answer that question, you first need to do some analysis to determine when your sales are the strongest and why. Once you've made that determination, the logical next step is to figure out how to make the most of your retail Super Bowl. Here are a few ideas.

Make It a Big Deal

This big sales season of yours will become even bigger when you emphasize it properly to your employees and your customers. Build awareness among your team members by delivering training and instructions on the importance of this sales period well ahead of time. Start hinting at related promotions to your customers via social media and other channels a little earlier than you normally would. Think about how the actual Super Bowl is promoted and all the time, effort, and build-up that goes into that. You obviously can't do it on that scale, but you can give it your best shot with the resources you have.

Invest In the Right Technology

Upgrading your technology on a regular basis is a key part of continually improving your retail business. But are you making the right investments? Look at your key revenue drivers. A strong consumer finance program is going to net you a lot of revenue over time, for example, so it makes sense to invest in technology that enhances that program. Consider a solution like FormPiper, which automates and streamlines the consumer finance process, making it easier and more efficient for both your customers and your employees. An upgrade to your technology in this area will set your team up for success.

Mix Things Up

It may be your biggest sales season, year after year, but you don't want to count on it as a sure thing. Be sure to mix up your promotions and provide fresh value to your customers each year to make sure your big sales season maintains the top spot. A great customer experience is one that evolves over time, and you should make the investments to grow and improve yours year after year. By investing in key upgrades like FormPiper, you'll be able to mix things up, keep customers coming back for more, and ensure your biggest sales haul remains your business's very own Super Bowl for years to come.

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