FormPiper and Encompass Pay Collaborate to Bring Exclusive Savings to Retailers through FareCharging: Redefining Credit Card Processing Fees

[Atlanta, GA | August 2023] – FormPiper, a leading innovator in consumer finance solutions, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Encompass Pay, a trailblazing payment solutions provider. The collaboration aims to bring substantial cost savings to retailers through the groundbreaking program, FareCharging, offering a fresh perspective on credit card processing fees.

Encompass Pay's FareCharging program is set to redefine the landscape of credit card processing fees, enabling retailers to significantly reduce their processing expenses while enhancing customer satisfaction. Unlike traditional models, FareCharging introduces transparency and fairness to the process, creating an equitable playing field for both retailers and consumers.

The highlights of the FormPiper and Encompass Pay partnership include:

Boosted Profit Margins and Business Success

  • - No upfront costs, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes
  • - Potential savings of up to 90% on current processing fees
  • - Elimination of the burden of covering customer rewards programs

Compliance at the Core

  • - Compliance-driven approach with required disclosure for all payment environments
  • - A nominal 3% fee added exclusively to credit card transactions, not debit cards
  • - Transparent representation of the fee as a separate line item on the receipt

Equity and Simplicity in Customer Payments

  • - Always-available no-fee payment options for customers, including Debit Cards, ACH/Check, and Cash
  • - Omni-channel solution ensuring seamless acceptance across diverse payment environments: Online, In-Person, and Keyed transactions
  • - Customizable user experience through an API, providing scalability, flexibility, and real-time data synchronization

Effortless Savings in Four Steps

  • - Submit your Merchant Processing Statement
  • - Comprehensive savings analysis conducted by Encompass Pay
  • - Receive a tailored FareCharging proposal
  • - Start saving while providing transparent, fair payment options to your customers

Added Value for FormPiper Customers

  • - Up to 90% Savings
  • - Generous Sign Up Rebate Program
  • - Integrated Reporting Feature

In addition, FormPiper and Encompass Pay are excited to announce a series of webinars designed to provide retailers with a comprehensive understanding of the FareCharging program.

⭐⭐ Webinar: Navigating Transparent Credit Card Processing Fees with FareCharging 
  • DATES:
  • - Thursday, August 24
  • - Thursday, August 31
  • - Thursday, September 7
  • TIME: 3:00 pm ET
  • HOSTED BY: Russ Reynolds, FormPiper and Brian Price, Encompass Pay
  • OVERVIEW: Discover the intricate landscape of credit card processing fees in our upcoming webinar series, presented in partnership with Encompass Pay. Join us as we delve into the world of processing fees and introduce FareCharging – an innovative approach that not only benefits retailers but also ensures fairness for consumers. Learn how this solution reshapes our understanding of financial transactions and offers new opportunities for savings and growth. Don't miss this chance to explore the realm of credit card processing fees and their impact on your business's prosperity. Secure your spot now and embark on a journey toward financial clarity and empowerment.

This partnership reflects FormPiper's commitment to constantly evolving its offerings to meet the evolving needs of retailers. By collaborating with Encompass Pay, FormPiper aims to empower businesses with financial solutions that drive growth, enhance customer relations, and optimize revenue streams.

To learn more about Encompass Pay’s program and how it can revolutionize your credit card processing fees, visit or contact a FormPiper representative at

About FormPiper:
FormPiper is a leading provider of innovative consumer finance solutions that empower retailers to streamline their financing process, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost revenue. With a commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology and strategic partnerships, FormPiper transforms retail businesses by offering tailored financial solutions.

About Encompass Pay: Encompass Pay is a pioneering payment solutions provider that challenges conventional models and introduces revolutionary concepts to the payment processing landscape. With a dedication to transparency, fairness, and simplification, Encompass Pay is committed to providing businesses with efficient, cost-effective payment options.

For media inquiries, please contact: Michelle Lawrence,, 404-642-8931

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