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Are you able to execute finance applications online? 

Your business is on the right track. You have a solid customer base, you're constantly improving your products or services, and you've even established your Perfect Lender Lineup.™ Everything seems to be going smoothly, and yet you know there are inefficiencies and areas to focus on for improvement. 

One such area that many business owners struggle with is finance applications. You know that offering financing is a good idea. It helps you build stronger customer relationships, and enables your customers to purchase products and services they might otherwise hesitate to buy. The only issue is the application process itself. Let's examine it.


The Typical Finance Application Process

The standard financing application process is laborious, to say the least. Your customer comes into your place of business. They select a product or service that matches their needs. Once they've determined they are interested in financing, a member of your staff asks them to fill out an application. After they fill it out and hand it over, your team has to take that application info, input it into a computer, and then send it to the customer's preferred lender. 

Oh, and if you have multiple applications? Your team will have to duplicate that data across multiple lenders, wasting valuable time and resources.Wait, wait, wait. Isn't offering financing supposed to make things easier for you and your customers? In theory, yes. But in practice that simply often isn't the case. The usual application procedure is a headache for your customer and a mark on your otherwise exceptional customer service. 

"Why is this process so difficult?" your customer might ask.What can you say? It's out of your hands, right? Actually, it doesn't have to be. With FormPiper, you can take back control. 


The FormPiper Online Application Process

Let me paint a picture for you. That same customer — the one who became frustrated in our prior example — comes into your place of business, or visits your website. They want to apply for financing to purchase a product or service you offer.

Time for the usual, painful application process right? Not today. With FormPiper, your customers can apply online from any internet-ready device. They get to fill out the application at their leisure, without feeling pressured, stressed, or rushed. Your staff members, the ones who would otherwise be tied up helping them with the application, will be freed up to do the things that make your business awesome. 

"OK," you may be thinking, "that's great and all, but don't I still have to input the application info for every lender?" Not with FormPiper. You'll enjoy one-time data entry for finance applications, for an unlimited number of lenders. Not only will you save time by eliminating the chore of duplicate data entry, but you'll also avoid entry mistakes that could negatively impact approvals. What's more, you can run all lenders with every application, increasing your revenue over time.


FormPiper Makes the Difference

Comparing the two processes above, it's easy to see that online applications are far superior to the old-fashioned approach. But not just any online application solution will do. FormPiper makes the difference by offering remarkable convenience for you and your customers, peace of mind through secure applications, increased lender visibility, and a massive reduction in the effort required to transmit applications to lenders. 

FormPiper does more than just simplify the finance application process; it transforms the way you think about providing financing options to your customers. What was a burden in the past becomes a benefit, as you can offer a secure online application to your customers on their devices of choice, or on your devices in-store.

Customers of all ages and backgrounds care about convenience. Their time is important and so is yours. With FormPiper, you'll spend less time handling the technicalities of the finance application process and more time making sales and serving your customers. Get started now and change the way your customers apply for financing. You might just find it will transform the way you do business as well.

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