Every Minute Matters: How to Make the Most of Your Customers’ Time

Anyone who loves football understands that magic feeling at kick-off. The kicker sends the ball flying, the coverage team sprints downfield, the returner awaits the catch, and the ball lingers there for a moment as both teams prepare for impact. It’s a great, anticipatory feeling, and it is, in many ways, similar to the feeling that should arise in retailers when a customer walks in the door.

From that instant forward, your business is on the clock. It’s game time, and you can’t afford to waste a single second of your customer’s time. You know that they could just as easily walk back out that door and head to a competitor instead. And, with word-of-mouth being what it is, especially in this age of social media, a customer represents more than a single interaction. Their impression of your business is of paramount importance.

With that in mind, here are a few tips to help you and your team make the most of your customers’ time, particularly as relates to your consumer financing program.

Offer An Experience

More than products and services, what you are offering to your customers is an experience. Consumer financing plays a big role in that. By offering financing to your customers, you are laying the foundation for a mutually-advantageous relationship, where you help them get the products and services they need, rather than just selling to them.

Consumer financing shouldn’t just be an add-on; it should be a central part of the customer experience, and something you offer up front. Integrate it as a key part of your customer experience from the beginning and reap the rewards in terms of both sales and customer loyalty.

Anticipate Their Needs

You never know when a customer might want to take advantage of your consumer finance offerings. One of the best ways to avoid wasting their time is to make it clear that consumer finance options are available from the very start. By introducing this option early on, you will make the customer more aware of the possibilities at their disposal and create an opportunity both for them and your business. In that sense, consumer financing truly is a win-win.

Streamline Their Experience

The best way to make the most of your customers’ time is to streamline your consumer finance process from start to finish. You want a secure, convenient and efficient consumer finance process that doesn’t waste your customers’ time or that of your team.

FormPiper is the perfect automation solution for streamlining your consumer finance process and eliminating inefficiencies in the application step and beyond. There are so many benefits that FormPiper brings to the table, from automating data entry during the application process to delivering robust reporting that helps you tweak and improve your customer experience. But don’t take our word for it; just check out what some of our customers have to say about how FormPiper saved them time and boosted their revenue.

When we talk about the importance of saving customers time, we’re saying that from a place of experience and empathy; we know how important it is to your business, because it’s so important to ours. Schedule a demo today and find out for yourself how FormPiper can help save both you and your customers some serious time, boost your revenue, and build stronger customer relationships.

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