Consumer Finance for HVAC Companies

In the HVAC field, there’s not a whole lot of room for imprecision. You have to get the job done right to keep your customers comfortable and satisfied. The same thing applies to your consumer finance program. Here’s why an effective consumer finance program can help make financing with your HVAC company a breeze and drive up your revenue in the process.

Reason #1 – Financing Builds Trust

What service could involve more trust on the part of customers than one relating to the very air that they breathe, as well as their comfort levels and even safety in extreme weather? HVAC is a field that requires a strong, trust-based relationship between customer and service provider, and that lends itself incredibly well to consumer financing. Offering financing to your customers builds trust by providing them with the flexibility and opportunity they would not otherwise have. When your customers feel comfortable and like they have the flexibility they need to make big purchasing decisions with confidence, it goes a long way towards helping you earn their trust.

Reason #2 – Financing is a Differentiator

If a rival HVAC company does not offer financing, and you do, that’s a pretty big differentiator on its own. But if both of your companies offer financing, the one with the superior, more customer-friendly program is sure to win over more customers and make more sales, all other things being equal. Take advantage of a complete consumer finance automation solution like FormPiper to ensure the ground isn’t just level, but raised in your favor.

Reason #3 – Reporting Makes the Difference

Once you have the FormPiper solution up and running, you can take full advantage of its easy-to-use reporting functionality to gain yet another advantage over the competition. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your consumer finance program requires strong reporting, so you can draw out the insights you need to make changes and stay one step ahead of the competition, anticipating your customers’ needs.

Reason #4 – Long-Term Relationships Matter

In the HVAC field, you want lots of repeat business, and that means building customer relationships that last. If you secure a financed sale but give your customer a bad experience along the way, that hurts your chances of earning their business repeatedly and no doubt loses you revenue. Avoid lost sales and put more money in your pocket with a customer-friendly consumer financing program powered by FormPiper.

Reason #5 – Happy Customers Make for a Happy Business

In the end, the best reason to build a robust consumer finance program – and to bolster it with FormPiper – is to make your customers happy. Happy customers make for a happy business, by increasing your revenue, driving positive reviews and building your business’s reputation in the community you serve.

Make the most of all that FormPiper has to offer, make your consumer finance program a true difference maker for your HVAC business and start making happier customers starting today.

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