Brad's Insights on Entrepreneurship and Innovation: A Recap of the Start Up Hustle Podcast

How does an experienced retail expert construct a cutting-edge financial platform? Prepare yourself because that's precisely the fascinating topic explored in this podcast!

Our Founder & CEO, Brad Parker, sat down with Startup Hustle’s Matt Watson to discuss his Founder’s Journey and Steps to Success.

This episode takes us on a wild ride through Brad’s 20-year retail experience, from growing a business from a single location to a multi-million dollar empire. But his story doesn't end there. Brad saw a gap in the market and decided to leverage his retail expertise to create FormPiper, a revolutionary platform designed to tackle consumer financing challenges.

Join Brad and Matt Watson as they delve into the often pain-riddled but exciting world of entrepreneurship. They’ll explore Brad's journey from pet stores to tech, the challenges of rapid growth, and the secrets to scaling a business.

Get ready for insights on:
➡️ Hiring the right developers (even with an unconventional approach!)
➡️ Prioritizing tasks and treating every day like your grand opening
➡️ Building a winning sales team with effective training and tracking
➡️ Implementing a reservation program to boost revenue and engagement

In addition to offering actionable advice and inspiring stories for entrepreneurs, this episode dives into the creation of FormPiper—a platform developed for retailers, by retailers.

Watch the full episode of the Start Up Hustle podcast here.

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