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What Is FormPiper? A Solution That Takes The Pain Out of Filling Forms for Financing Customers

Is there anything more tedious than filling out and processing applications? From long hours spent in the DMV, to the mind-numbing check-in process at the doctor's office, few people enjoy filling out applications, and even fewer enjoy processing them and sending them off. It's time-consuming, dull work and it can take you and your staff away from more important tasks, like serving your customers and finding ways to improve your products and services. 

When it comes to financing, in particular, applications are even more laborious. Offering financing to your customers may be a great way to make sales and build lasting relationships, but the actual process of applying for that financing can sometimes almost make it seem like it's not worth it. 

Finding your Perfect Lender Lineup™ through Financing Your Way is just the start. To really make the most of your finance options and to better serve your customers, you need to make the application process less of a headache for everyone involved. That's where FormPiper comes in. 

Say Goodbye to Painful, Laborious Finance Applications

It's a well-known adage of the business world that you don't want anything coming between your customer and a sale. But like a pesky barrier that seems to always pop up at the worst time, the traditional application process kills the positive momentum you've built with your customer up to that point. 

"Alright, so you're ready to buy your new couch? Awesome, we're excited for you. Now fill out this form for the next 20 minutes. Which lenders can you choose from? Well, let me go get the materials. Just wait right here, I need to dig around."

If you've dealt with this process before, you can imagine the rest of the exchange. Everything slows down and your staff gets tied up answering questions about lending options and application requirements, instead of assisting other customers. And then, once the application is in, the real annoyances start, as your team has to manually input the application information and send it off to the lender. And if you're dealing with multiple lenders? Get ready to duplicate some data entries!

FormPiper flips that outdated equation on its head by providing a simple, easy application process that customers can complete securely from any internet-ready device. They'll be able to apply at their convenience, without feeling pressured. And once they've applied, you won't have to input their information for every single lender. One-time data entry ensures you avoid the hassle of inputting duplicate applications.

Once the application is in, you'll be able to see reporting information through FormPiper so you can track revenue by each individual lender, monitor merchant fees, see which lenders your customers use most often, and view the total number of forms run. Simply put, FormPiper makes what was once a painful and frustrating process straightforward, convenient, and intuitive.

A Perfect Combination

Offering financing to your customers makes sense on many levels. With lending options on the table, your customers are more likely to make a purchase, and you won't have to discount your products or services to entice them to buy. Financing Your Way makes it easy to offer financing, so your customers can buy with little to nothing down and feel comfortable about their purchase. 

With funding in just 1 to 5 business days, competitive rates, and instant approvals, Financing Your Way is an excellent option when you are looking to offer financing to your customers. FormPiper makes that choice even more obvious. 

By simplifying the application process for you and your customers alike, FormPiper changes the way you do business. No longer will you have to devote valuable work hours to entering application information and duplicating entries across multiple lenders. Your customers will be able to fill out their financing application at their pace, on their own device, or on a device at your location, reducing their frustration and keeping them focused on their purchase.

On their own, Financing Your Way and FormPiper offer many outstanding benefits. But when used in tandem they're the perfect combination. There's never been a better way to offer prompt, convenient financing to your customers with an application process that actually makes things easier, instead of slowing everything down. With that winning combination, your business can't go wrong when it comes to customer financing.

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