Are you tired of your finance portal not having access to all the lenders you use?

Owning a business is a big commitment. You feel a responsibility to your employees, your customers, and yourself, to ensure that the vision you've laid out for your business is put into motion each day. 

Ensuring that your customers have access to a variety of lending options is an important part of that effort. You want to build lasting customer relationships, and providing them with financing options helps lay the groundwork. As with anything in life, your customers value having a variety of options available, and you like having an appropriate lender in place for every customer that walks through the door   in other words, a Perfect Lender Lineup.

Unfortunately, that plan can be undercut by the inadequacy of many finance portals. If a finance portal doesn't provide access to all of the lenders you use, it can be a major inconvenience. You need an easy solution, but before we get that, let's take a closer look at the problem. 

Why Typical Finance Portals Just Don't Cut It

Time is money when you own a business. A time-wasting tool or process isn't something you can afford to deal with, especially in a challenging economy. So when finance portal companies don't have all of the lending options you need, it has a detrimental impact on your business.

Adding those lenders is a process that can take far too long to complete, or may never happen at all. That process typically involves fees, and when it takes too long or doesn't happen, those fees add up to more wasted money on top of the time you spent. It's a negative impact that hurts your bottom line.

How FormPiper Helps

The solution to the problem outlined above is to tun to a better option, one that addresses the core issue and offers plenty of value in other areas. FormPiper is the right choice to resolve the issue of not having access to all the lenders you use, and it also makes your life as a business owner easier in a number of other ways. 

Let's start with access to lenders. FormPiper gives you access to all the lenders you want to use, along with convenient reporting features, so you can view lender activity. 

Now, you may be thinking, "this sounds great, but who wants to fill out all those applications?" With FormPiper, you don't have to worry about it. Fill out multiple finance applications at the same time and transmit them all at once, with a single click. You'll save you and your staff time and energy that you can expend on much more worthwhile endeavors.

With FormPiper, you'll enjoy all the benefits of offering the perfect suite of lending options, without any of the headaches. You won't have to worry not having access to the lenders you use, or, worse yet, having to pay a fee to try and add them. 

Make Things Easy On Yourself

You have a full plate and there's not much room on your calendar for dealing with finance portal companies that give you the runaround or charge you fees to add the lenders you want to use. Life is too short and your time is too precious to mess with all of that. Choose FormPiper and make things easy on yourself, your staff, and your customers. After all, if time is money, don't you want to put a little bit back in your pocket?


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