A Consumer Finance Christmas: Give Your Retail Business the Gift of More Closed Sales

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me – more closed sales for my retail business!

… OK, maybe that’s a bit too much of a mouthful to set to music, but if you’re a retail business owner, chances are that gifts sound a heck of a lot more appealing than a partridge in a pear tree (no offense, partridges!).

It’s the season of giving, and all through the retail house, thoughts are stirring of how to make the most of the holiday season, the new year sales rush, and all the potential opportunities in the year to come. But during this giving season, it’s important not to forget to give your retail business the gift of more revenue. A strong consumer finance program bolstered by FormPiper can help you close more deals and put more money in your stocking this Christmas season. Here’s how.

Don’t Leave Anyone Out

The holidays are all about bringing everyone together, and there’s a lesson to be learned from this special season for retail business owners looking to grow their consumer finance programs. When you leave customers out of your finance program by failing to offer them financing or offering it only in passing and not as a core part of your sales pitch, you aren’t doing your customers or your business any favors; in fact, chances are you are ultimately hurting your bottom line.

Just like poor Rudolph couldn’t play any reindeer games, your customers can’t play any role in your retail success if you don’t close their sales, and a strong consumer finance program will help you close them. By giving customers what they want – more options, more flexibility, and a smooth finance application process powered by FormPiper – you’ll ensure they feel included and welcome, and you’ll avoid leaving them out of your revenue stream.

Streamline Your Application Process

When Santa delivers gifts all over the world, chances are he doesn’t spend too much time on each stop. It’s all about efficiency for your retail consumer finance program, too. Applications that take too much time leave customers feeling uncomfortable and will eventually lose you sales. FormPiper avoids those situations by enabling you to transmit application data to multiple lenders with a single click of a button, saving your team and your customers loads of time.

It’s about more than just efficiency, though. When you show that you respect your customers’ time, you’re laying the foundation for a stronger relationship with them. Almost everyone hates having their time wasted, and that means that, on the flip side, most people will love it when you show that you respect their time and that you aren’t going to waste it.

Bring a Little Cheer

The direction of your consumer finance program starts with you and your mindset. If you view consumer financing as a box to check, rather than as an integral part of your value proposition, then it will be no wonder when your finance program underperforms. Instead, try bringing some cheer, positivity, and dedication to this often overlooked piece of your retail operation. And, with FormPiper to back up that mindset, you’ll find yourself closing more sales and creating more satisfied customers over the holidays and throughout the year.

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